Sarah Plowman was the first love interest of David Buznik in 1978. She came close to almost kissing David Buznik when Arnie Shankman pulled down his gym shorts and underwear in her and everyone who were witnesses, bursted out laughing while Sarah blushed, covered her mouth with her hands and only giggled, much to David Buznik's embarrassment.

Anger Management (film)Edit

In 1978, David Buznik was drawing his and someone's signatures together in a heart shape when he looked up and saw Sarah Plowman, the girl of his dreams, playing hopscotch with her friends, and managed the courage to talk to her. A young Linda harbored a crush on David Buznik, but David, at the time, had his heart set on Sarah Plowman. Sarah complemented David on his Dukes Of Hazzard t-shirt while David complemented her on her CHiPs t-shirt, he claimed it was a fun day, she agreed with him, except she didn't like that Arnie Shankman was there, giving another kid a wedgie as they speak. David claimed he felt bad for him because he thought he was being mean to the other kids because his sister was sent to an insane asylum. Sarah asked David if he ever kissed a girl, saying that family doesen't count, when he replied "no", she dared David to kiss her in front of everyone around them, so that way his first kiss was with her. David agreed, but just when Sarah and David were nearly kissing, Arnie Shankman saw the opportunity to pantsed David in front of Sarah and everyone present, ruining their first kiss, and everyone bursting with laughter, the old ladies made comparisions about how "small" he looked down there, even Arnie's Shankman's insane sister bursted out laughing. Sarah looked down covered her face and giggled, while Arnie Shankman taunted dave by saying got any mustard for that cocktail frank buttlick. This left David with lasting trauma about public affection, as well as repressing his emotions. 

It's unknown where is Sarah or what happened to her after their would-have-been first kiss, as she's not seen but only mentioned in the present numorous times.

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